Organizational Structure

Executive Division

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
S. Crowfoot

Director, Strategic Projects
B. Currie

Manager, Communications & Executive Services
P. Tsang

Regulatory Compliance Division

J. Dempsey

Manager, Environment
E. Blais

Manager, Policy
D. Stojanowski

Manager, Technical Business Support
A. McKinnon

Acting Manager, Resource Analysis and Compliance
L. Wong

Lease and Royalty Administration Division

D. Kumpf

Manager, Negotiations, Contracts and Research
E. Myketyn

Manager, Lease Administration
J. Head

Manager, Royalty
M. Jivraj

Planning & Corporate Services Division

B. Cherniawsky

Manager, Contracts and Administration Services
C. Garbo

Manager, Financial Services
L. Webster

Manager, Human Resources
M. Jacobs

Manager, IT

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