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IOGC Quarterly Newsletter

In 2010-2011, work on the MARS project continued in several key areas:

  1. First Nation involvement and outreach,
  2. Refinement of an effective project plan, and
  3. Development of policy basis for new regulations

IOGC, in partnership with the JTC#1 and the IRC, continued its work on jointly reviewing and discussing each regulatory module as they are prepared by IOGC. The details of each module, or an overall strategic view of the regulatory amendment process, is then shared and discussed with individual First Nations. Given that we are still in the development phase of the modules IOGC is currently performing outreach to First Nations on an as requested basis. All First Nations with oil or gas production will have an opportunity to be fully engaged on these changes at various times in the process.

During the fiscal year, significant work was put into the refinement of an effective and achievable project plan. Some of the activities in this area include: modification of the project’s internal governance structure to coordinate activities in the multiple module areas, and securing expert assistance to guide in the building of skills and strategies to ensure the internal IOGC module teams are effective.

Progress was made regarding drafting of new regulations. In this process, IOGC is responsible for initiating and finalizing the policy basis for the new regulations, while the Department of Justice is responsible for translating that policy into regulations. The goal is to amend the regulations to establish a modern regulatory framework that enables IOGC to better deliver on its mandate through a clear, transparent, effective, fair, sustainable, efficient and easily administered set of rules. Milestones reached included the initial work being completed on all modules, including fact finding and strategic policy discussions. One regulatory module was completed this year. Several other modules are also in advanced stages, ready to be shared with First Nations and translated into regulations by the Department of Justice.

The involvement of the IRC and its members has been crucial to the process of modernizing the IOG Act and amending the Regulations and we are grateful for their support. IOGC anticipates that amended regulations will be ready for broad consultation with First Nations towards the end of 2012, with industry and provincial governments some time after that.

While the regulations are under development, IOGC is reviewing its internal business processes and mapping them out. The "current state", or how things are currently done, is now nearly 100% complete. The "design state", or how things could be done, including improvements to the current process, is about 30% complete and expected to be finalized by December of 2012. The third phase or "future state" will be completed once the regulations are closer to being finalized.

On the systems work stream, IOGC estimates to submit to Treasury Board its plan for a new computer system to support the new legislative and regulatory regime and revised business practices by December 2012.

A chart summarizing progress on the three project work streams is enclosed.

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